Penchant for Patterns

Penchant for Patterns

Feature 13939773 | © living4media / Ton Bouwer, Monique van der Pauw | 45 zdjęcia

Friendly pastels meet playful wallpaper in Suzanne's colourful and cosy home; NL

Suzanne and her husband moved into this house from 1906 in 2006. They haven't made many changes around the house, except for updating the kitchen with new cabinets and installing a central heating system. With that done, it was finally time for stylist Suzanne to make it a cosy place full of personality.

Numer Feature: 13939773
Ilość zdjęć: 45
Tekst: Text written upon request (300-700 words, English)
Fotograf: © living4media / Ton Bouwer, Monique van der Pauw
Text Writer: Monique van der Pauw
Temat: Interiors
Prawa: Worldwide first rights available upon request, except in NL
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