Quirky London Jewel

Quirky London Jewel

Feature 13840370 | © living4media / Narratives / Baldwin, Jan | 41 zdjęcia

Robbie Spina & Joe Zito's stunning home marries glamour with colour & drama; UK

Star designers Robbie Spina and Joe Zito have transformed a 1920s apartment near Hampstead Heath into a contemporary and chic living space. The apartment is set in a red-brick mansion block and has been thoughtfully brought up to date, while still retaining attractive period features. The interiors are similarly characterised by a pleasing juxtaposition of antique and modern furnishings.

Numer Feature: 13840370
Ilość zdjęć: 41
Tekst: Text written upon request (300-700 words, English)
Fotograf: © living4media / Narratives / Baldwin, Jan
Text Writer: Margaret Caselton
Stylist: Margaret Caselton
Temat: Interiors
Prawa: Worldwide first rights available upon request
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Property Release: Dostępne
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