Beautiful Shapes

Beautiful Shapes

Feature 13615863 | © living4media / Schindler, Martina | 40 zdjęcia

These cookie cutters provide both homemade tasty treats and charming decorations

Homemade cookies and decorations are a quintessential part of any Christmas. Here we've brought the two together, transforming cookie cutters into cute decorations by covering them in wool, knitted covers, or filling them with hemlock cones and holly.

Numer Feature: 13615863
Ilość zdjęć: 40
Tekst: Text written upon request (300-700 words, English)
Fotograf: © living4media / Schindler, Martina
Temat: Do it yourself
Prawa: Worldwide first rights available upon request
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Property Release: Niewymagane
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